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Drawing for alyciazu

Thank you! I love it. You have always been talented, but you are getting very good! :) Life is scary, but you are gonna do awesome. This is one of my little sisters, tumblr. 
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$200 worth of manzanita floating in my 150 gallon. Ahhh, I’m so excited. Can’t wait for it to sink so I can place it and start aquascaping.

Downside is that it’s clouded my tank A LOT. There is also a really nasty white-ish slime layer covering the wood which is apparently somewhat normal…. Does anybody in the fish community here have experience with Manzanita? How long until this goes away? How long will it take to sink?
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My little sister got to go home :)
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Couldn’t find a fat pack…. Pretty much had to get a box… #mtg #magic #theros

Hundreds of un-posted selfies. #zulife

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My little sister came out of heart surgery. The procedure went very well (hooray). They did find that her heart was enlarged from the holes, but the doctors say that it will hopefully go back to normal over the next six months. 
The pictures my dad sent me of her coming out of surgery made me cry. Poor littlest thing. 

We are still waiting for her to wake up fully, which may take a while. Hopefully I can visit her tomorrow or Friday! 

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Definitely just ordered this phone case. <3 !!! 

My little sisters open-heart surgery is tomorrow. She will be in ICU for some days after, and hopefully I can visit by Friday. :( poor thing.

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Another good pull! Ahhh.

So I started a facebook group for my friends who love fish - basically a place to post pics of your fish, ask advice, or just meet new fish-loving friends. Is there anybody who would like to join?

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