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My littlest sister (age 4) goes for open-heart surgery this upcoming month. I saw her for the first time in a while today, and she drew me this diagram explained why she needs to have surgery. The dots are the holes in her heart that need to be patched up. 
Breaks my heart. Everybody send good vibes for my little sister, Buggy.
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TOMATO FENNEL SOUP! Who knew a vegetable that smells like liquorice would make an awesome base for veggie soups? 
Ingredients: tomato, fennel, carrots, garlic, basil, cracked pepper, broth, and coconut milk to thicken to your liking.

One of my Danios got stuck in a plastic plant base (the ones you dig into the gravel). I guess one of the other fish pulled it up. Danios, being the energetic fish they are like to swim in currents and through small spaces. I got him out despite his gills being stuck… it looks like he isn’t going to make it. 

One of the few man-made things I had left in my tank, and it manages to kill my fish. Says something about humans, I think.

:(  Losing fish is always sad and hard for me, even though they are so tiny. It’s hard seeing him suffer. I never know what to do. Do I let nature ride out its course through the night on the small chance that he will pull through, or am I morally obligated to kill him?

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Really needed to hear this tonight. Thank you for so many reasons.
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Baby partridge that fell into my basement window well. :( I hope his parents come back soon. addictingcoffee

The quails who live in my neighborhood gave birth to 13 chickies. And they, being the not so bright birds that they are, have already managed to get themselves stuck twice. Now they are stuck outside my bedroom window in our yard. They fell into a small well, and are waiting for the mama and papa quail to come and get them out. I made a little ramp with a towel, so I really hope they can climb out. 
Its heart breaking hearing the little frantic chirps they are making, arrrrgh. 

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Dojo loach


i think seventh grade was a dark time for everyone

I wore a blue hooded cape everyday with a workout top and blue jeans. Sometime I wore a visor too. 

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Oh happy day! My Gourami will finally let me hand feed him :’) 

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I’m sorry. I can’t help you or listen to your problems. I”m trying too hard to control my own. 
I sincerely wish everyone I’ve pushed away the best, but I have to take care of myself.

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Don’t do love. Don’t do friends.
I’m only after success. 
Don’t need a relationship.
I’ll never soften my grip. 


I just want a change.

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French pronunciation is the bane of my existence. I just bombed my first oral exam for this course because I can’t pronounce basic verbs right, and I can’t remember how to pronounce the nouns that I learned back in elementary, junior high, or high school.
I hate that I have to take mandatory french at a high level. If they put me in introductory French, I would still barely pass because, while I can write it, I can’t speak it at all.

All the tears. Sad Zu is very sad. Very, very sad.

Even more embarrassing is that this oral test was done over the phone, and he kept asking multi-level questions in French. I was so nervous that I literally was like “I can’t answer that right now” to all of them or just was like “uhhhhhhhhh…” because my mind was totally blank. And then the power went out mid conversation. It’s pitch darkness in the basement, and I’m scrambling to get upstairs with all my notes while he’s on the phone.

Such a bad day for so many reasons.

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