Walking in the grocery store with my back facing the aisle because I’m looking at foods. Lady parks her cart RIGHT behind, so when I turn around, I bump into her.
I proclaim, “SO SORRY! did not see you there at all!”
She proceeds to stare at me while making that ugly goose honking sound.

People suck!!

My chariot.
Prototype for my fortress. I’m accepting applications for minions. #lego #childhood #toys #evil #me

It’s been a month studying piano, and I am so happy I started. I began with only knowing a C major scale and barely able to sight read. All my sheets had written letters under them.

I now know how to form major, minor, sus., and extension (numbered?) chords, along with knowing my full major scales and a handful of annotations on sheets that I didn’t know before. Today I work on the natural minor scale. 

#proud zu. 

I need a French pen pal. Anybody? I’ll send you cute letters with some goodies!!

English Major game strong - got half of my spring/summer semester books. 


I got a request from my school to use one of my papers as a course example for work that goes above and beyond expectations.

Happy day, happy day, happy day.


I’m not allowed to drink caffeinated coffee anymore. I used to think decaffeinated coffee was stupid…
but, man, do I ever find comfort in a decaf coffee when I’m up late working on a paper.  Tastes like success. 

Can I freeze time?

Sooooo I finished the 48 page assignment only to have a 10 page reflection, a 2500 word essay, two 200 word discussions, and 3 pages on promotional strategies due this weekend.
Please send help.

Why do I procrastinate so much? -.-

So my request to take some courses at another University (with them counted towards my degree) was granted :D

May-September I will be taking the following  - Women in Literature, Furthur Studies in Shakespeare (comedies and problem plays,) Advanced French, annnd Contemporary Organizational Behavior Theory. 

This means I will get to actually study one of my most treasured books - Jane Eyre. 

I have successfully registered for all remaining courses in my Bachelors degree. I never thought I would make it this far. One more year to go. 
#so proud of myself

Example case study: KILL THE EMPLOYEES.